Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer

Being the Top Criminal Lawyer Philadelphia we can help you fight your criminal offenses and protect your rights.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer

As a Philadelphia criminal lawyer, we have fought and won cases in all types of legal issues including gun possession,money laundering, drug charges, drug possession, marijuana charges, intent to deliver, simple assault and aggravated assault, police brutality, domestic violence, armed robbery, driving under the influence, criminal DUI charges, and more. 
If you are facing criminal charges in Philadelphia, you most likely have a long list of worries. Put those concerns to rest by enlisting the services of our strong criminal lawyer team in Philadelphia who has been recognized as one of the best firms in the local Philadelphia area. At Top Criminal Lawyer Philadelphia, we have more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense on our side, and our Pennsylvania lawyers are ready to aggressively defend your freedom and your reputation.
As one of the top Best Criminal Lawyer In Philadelphia, PA, our team has successfully defended thousands of criminal justice cases in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas over the years. It’s so important to have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side, and with our top criminal lawyer in Philadelphia you’re receiving the best criminal defense possible for a wide range of criminal justice issues.

Why Choose Us

Financial Analysis

We provide financial analysis to you to resolve any of the issues, we research deep to find the root cause of the problem and trigger the best solution for it.

Best Legal Defence

We are having years of experience becoming the best Criminal Lawyer Philadelphia, we deal with all your problems and provide you the best legal defense. 

Expert Team of Lawyers 

We have experienced a team of lawyers who own high qualifications to provide you the best assistance for your issue.

Success Speaks 

We have successfully solved a number of cases for various clients, and we are proudly the best lawyers in Philadelphia having a successful history to work upon any case.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer

The criminal justice systems in PA can be convoluted and intimidating with consequences that can negatively impact the rest of your life. You need one of the best and most aggressive criminal defense lawyers in Philly and a Top 10 law firm in the state to successfully minimize your sentencing and fight for your acquittal.As soon as you give us a call, our Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers will work seriously on your behalf to defend your rights.

From our office in Philadelphia, we handle DUI, drug possession and sales, white collar and federal crimes, sex offenses, expungements and other criminal accusations throughout Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia criminal defense attorney reputation for excellence starts with a high-level investigation into your unique case and open communication to help you fully understand all your options. From there, our unmatched experience and knowledge of criminal law will give you the best chance to protect your freedom and reputation.

We will take the time to listen to your concerns and answer all your queries you may have. Call top Philadelphia criminal lawyers to speak to a lawyer today.

Practice Areas

Traffic Accidents

If you have ever been accused of a traffic accident and want to claim from the opposite party, you can hire us as we are successfully handling this type of case for you.

Insurance Services

Want a lawyer who can handle your insurance-related threats and issues? We have a perfect solution for any of these insurance issues.

Family Law

We have an expert team of lawyers who are handling family law cases for you, you can hire us for any kind of problem-related to property or personal relation in the family.

Civil Litigation

Litigation attorneys in a plaintiff's case often carry an initial case study to determine if sufficient indication exists to justify filing a lawsuit.

Property Law

Facing any issue with your property? We are here to provide you the best solution for taking your case in the right direction that is straight to your side.

Child Law

We are well aware of all the rules and regulations associated with child law, so you can hire us now for any assistance related to child law.

When To Hire A Top Criminal Lawyer In Philadelphia

At the time of your arrest, you have sufficient time to make right decision for your defense strategy, and as a top criminal lawyer Philadelphia, we provide you with the best outcome possible. Our top Philadelphia criminal lawyers can provide you legal advice when facing any of the criminal charges above, and can help with a criminal appeal when needed.

As an experienced best criminal lawyer Philadelphia, our legal practice is focused on getting you results and avoiding criminal convictions. Facing criminal charges can be tough, but you don’t have to go at it alone, you need to have the best defense representation possible. Our clients consider us to be the top criminal lawyer in the area, and criminal lawyer in Philadelphia experience with police officers, district attorneys, and the local court system will give you an excellent chance of wining your case or reducing your charges.

Philadelphia criminal lawyer clients consider us to be the top criminal lawyer in the area, and our experience with police officers, district attorneys, and the local court system will give you an excellent chance of wining your case or reducing your charges.



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