Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1. What should I do? If I have been told that there is a warrant for my arrest ?

If there is a warrant for your arrest, it is important to review your situation with a top Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia so that a defense strategy can be established for your case. 

Q 2. What should I expect from a good criminal defense lawyer?

A Lawyer should be highly skilled litigator and negotiator, you should expect that your Philadelphia criminal defense attorney have the knowledge of the law and experience defending the type of charges you are facing as well as experience in the court where the charges were filed, because all criminal defense lawyers are not experienced in both state & federal courts, so it is important to find out where the attorney has practiced and if he or she has defended similar cases.

Q 3. When Should I Get An Attorney?

It is important to hire criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia  as soon as possible. So that Lawyers can take steps to put their clients in a better position to negotiate a plea or get a case dismissed before trial begins. Philadelphia criminal defense attorney knows how to conduct a thorough investigation of the criminal matter & can present evidence supporting your case.