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Domestic violence and abuse
Domestic violence can happen in several ways. It can be physical or sexual, including emotional abuse, economic abuse, or psychological abuse. In some individuals, they can’t recognize the nature of the abusive nature because of prolonged exposure. Domestic violence occurs in both men and women.

A domestic violence scenario can make an individual or both parties look for a remedy or an intervention. This can be dealt with in two ways; with the help of the police in the intervening of the situation or filing for legal action. First, seeking out a lawyer who is very familiar with a domestic violence case.

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Warning signs of an abusive relationship


  • Claims that a partner is cheating all the time.
  • Stalks the partner the entire day for no apparent reason.
  • Restricts time in spending with family or friends.

Controlling behavior

  • Interrogates partners on how their date was spent and with whom.
  • Name-calling.
  • Needs permission to do things

Quick involvement

  • Wants to settle in right away.
  • Partner claims love at first sight.
  • Unique feelings felt by the abusive partner.


  • Takes away money and other forms of resources.
  • Withholds phone or car privileges.
  • Making commuting to work seems like hell.

Blames others

  • There’s always someone who gets the blame for other’s mistakes.
  • Blames partner for everything, even the relationship.

If most of these are present, consider looking for the best domestic violence lawyer in your area. There are a variety of ways on how to search for one. The first thing you have to do is do some web browsing, and many law firms would pop up. This might take some time, but it can be rewarding in the end—another way to do it by clicking our Domestic violence attorney Philadelphia search engine for faster results.

Restraining orders for victims of domestic violence

If you know someone who is a victim of domestic violence, or you’re a victim of this kind of situation, you must know the magnitude of this scenario. In addition, you should be prepared to cope with it because it involves one’s safety. Domestic Violence Lawyer Philadelphia can get a restraining order on behalf of the client. Restraining orders restrict the alleged abuser from:

  • Near the vicinity of the victim
  • Communication; direct and indirect
  • Contacting
  • Calling through cellphones
  • Creating threats
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Taking abusive actions

A restraining order can be granted custody and financial support by the alleged victim but temporarily. This may also include counseling to address the issue of the alleged victim. In some situations, the alleged victim will vacate the premises while paying for the rent. This is until the hearing starts.

Protection from those who are wrongfully accused

In some situations, some are wrongfully accused of domestic violence to gain child custody or other properties. In short, they want to take advantage. The consequences of a domestic violence charge can be overwhelming. When this happens, it can severely restrict the accused freedom. The judge will make sure no one would hire the alleged accused victim for a job, or even worse, might lose the child custody.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Philadelphia will help clients know their rights and cope with this kind of situation. The best defense, according to every criminal defense attorney, is to invoke the right to self-incriminate. This is known as the 5th amendment, which protects the client from saying anything that would harm their situation. It’s advisable to speak only with the said attorney whenever present.

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