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Lawyer for Expungement in Philadelphia - Adult Criminal Record Expungement or Sealing
We cannot erase the fact that having a criminal record, whether for being arrested or convicted, might have serious ramifications down the road or both. Employers and landlords, for example, frequently inquire whether job applicants and renters have ever been convicted of or even arrested for a criminal offense. Employers and landlords may refuse to employ or lease to persons who answer "yes" to these questions. The excellent news is Lawyer for Expungement in Philadelphia is here for you to discern your rights and by explaining to you that you may be able to have an arrest or conviction erased from your record in some circumstances.

What Is Expungement and How Does It Work: The process of erasing arrest and conviction records is known as expungement. Almost every state has passed legislation allowing persons to have their arrests and convictions expunged from their records. Though the specifics differ by jurisdiction, most states' laws ensure that after an arrest or conviction has been erased, it can no longer be used against you. And it is not required to be reported to potential employers or landlords.

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Consider the case of Arnold, who was convicted of minor theft but afterward had his record cleared. Arnold’s only encounter with the criminal justice system is this one. If Arnold fills out an application for a job and asks, "Have you ever been found guilty of a crime?" "No," Arnold can honestly say, Lawyer for Expungement in Philadelphia explains.

Expungement Eligibility: Expungement Lawyer Philadelphia says that because an expungement can provide a fresh start, one of the most significant steps that those arrested or convicted can take is to look into the expungement procedures in their county. Start by contacting the criminal court in your county or the law enforcement department that handled your arrest. Ask the following questions about expungement eligibility and the process:

  • Is it possible to have a specific offense expunged: For instance, a jurisdiction may only offer expungement for arrests and minor convictions, but not for felony convictions.
  • When is a person eligible for a record to be deleted: Expungement, for example, maybe accessible only after people have completed their sentences, including any probationary periods. Yet, if there is a solid justification, a court may reduce the length of probation to expedite the expungement process.
  • What happens during the expungement procedure: Hiring an attorney is not always necessary for expungement. Many courts have paperwork available that includes things like "Motion for Expungement."
  • What do the ramifications of expungement look like? Is it possible for a conviction to resurface even after it has been erased? Police departments and some licensing bodies, for example, may be able to obtain information regarding job candidates' erased records.

Am I Eligible for an Expungement?

Qualifications for an expungement depends on several factors, such as:

  • The laws of your state
  • The nature and severity of the crime
  • The time that has passed since your conviction
  • Your criminal history

These factors will be considered by the judge before ruling on an expungement request. To know more details about your eligibility, an expungement lawyer can help you. Visit a lawyer for expungement Dallas now.

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