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If you are facing criminal charges, we can help as we are the best criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia. We understand what you are going through, and we will use our set of skills, vast knowledge, and a tremendous amount of experience to help you get through all of this.

The Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney fights for your rights at any legal place it could be, whether at trial or on appeal. We have successfully defended thousands of criminal cases in Philadelphia and the surrounding cities. We can help you in-depth with all types of state and federal charges across the city of Philadelphia, PA.

Criminal Lawyer Philadelphia PA

Why Choose Us?
Our criminal defense lawyer has only one focus: providing the best possible representation for you. To us, that means two things.

Client Communication - First, our Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer takes our obligations to our clients seriously. We return phone calls and text messages promptly, keep our clients informed and updated up until the end of the contract, and visit our incarcerated clients in jail regularly so that they know what the latest updates are, and we provide them the details so they can prepare for the next hearing. Our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney believes each client needs to see their discovery and have the opportunity to review the legal filings in each case to be prepared for whatever is coming or whatever the opposing party throws at them during the trial.

Proactive Steps to Fight Your Charges - Second, our lawyers proactively take the necessary steps to achieve the most favorable outcome of the case. We will investigate and analyze your case to make sure that no critical detail is left out. We will find essential evidence and witnesses to help us with the case as they could make our party stronger. No need to worry because we will make sure that you get justice by persistently fighting to get the best outcome. Our criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia prepares as if each case will go to trial because they often do. We do not recommend a guilty plea to save time or money; we recommend a plea only when it is the best possible result for the client.

Real Criminal Trial Lawyers

Most importantly, we are not afraid to take a case to trial in front of a judge or jury because we know the in and out of the criminal justice system and how to get the best results. We have the experience of defending thousands of clients against criminal charges in the cases like Driving Under the Influence ("DUI"), possession of illegal substances, assault, and even serious crimes, such as murder, theft, sexual assault, drugs, and gun-related crimes. We know that each case is different, and the best criminal lawyer in Philadelphia will work closely with you to determine the best options that you can have.

Depending on how strong the case against you is, the charges could be dismissed right before the trial even begins; get a diversionary program, be acquitted of the crime, or even reduce your sentences.

Call us now for a free consultation with our lawyer, and we will give you the best defense strategy session with our experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer.

We know that the succeeding days after an arrest or an interview from the police station can give you so much frustration and stress. You also might be confused with what is going on and why such a thing is happening right in front of your eyes. However, even with these feelings, you still have to decide on what to do, and our Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney will be there to guide you before you decide.


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